Who is the Jellyfish
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Who is the Jellyfish

From 22,50 per person. Less than 20 people? Ask for the possibilities.

Company outing "Who is the Jellyfish" Noordwijk

You will have to complete various tasks, including solving riddles and carrying out game activities, while trying to unmask the mole (kwal) at the same time. Each team member will be made to seem suspicious, and it is up to you to decide who the mole is.

The tasks, during the company outing, are specially designed to strengthen your team spirit and test your skills in communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Are you part of a team looking for a unique and exciting team-building experience? Book your company outing now on the beach of Noordwijk and discover who the mole is!

'Wie is de Mol' spin-off game
✓ Corporate events & company outings
✓ Experienced with large groups

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