Noordwijk beach

Frequently Asked Questions

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Other questions
What should I wear and bring with me?

It’s smart to keep an eye on the weather. It is always a bit cooler at the beach than it is inland. When the sun comes out, make sure you use sunscreen. Since you’re outside a lot it is advisable to wear sunglasses. When it comes to clothing we advise you to wear anything you’d normally wear on the beach, preferably clothing in which you can roam around freely. You won’t get wet or dirty from our activities and workshops. However, you can get a bit sandy, depending on how enthusiastic you are!

What happens when the weather is not good enough to go outside?

When the weather is really bad there are several possibilities. We always try to reach a satisfying solution for all parties. When it is raining but it will be dry within half an hour, we can postpone the start of the activity - as long as it fits our and your schedule. However, if it is really raining cats and dogs and the original activity cannot take place, we offer fun indoor alternatives.

Where can I park?

There are several parking areas where you can leave your car.

There is no free parking in Noordwijk. Please take into account that when the weather is sunny and warm the roads towards Noordwijk can be crowded and parking can take longer. Please make sure you schedule in some extra traveling time.

Can your activities still take place with all the measures taken regarding COVID-19?

Yes! In these uncertain times the beach is the place to be! Feel the wind in your hair and get together in a safe way! Since we have plenty of space on the beach, maintaining appropriate distance from each other is no problem whatsoever. In our view the 1.5 meter rule is merely another game component! Our activities are completely corona-proof and we will explain the measures we took right before you start. We obviously ask you to follow the general guidelines. This way we can achieve a fun and safe experience at sea together! 

Is it possible to cancel our day out free of charge if the government’s measures prohibit to hold events with a certain amount of people?

We obviously hope your event can take place as planned. However, as we learned in 2020, COVID-19 can change the situation. Should the COVID-19 measures change, your event can be postponed free of charge. Please have a look at our Terms and Conditions for more information about cancellations.