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Beach games

From € 15 per person

Beach games company outing

The Beach Games are an excellent way to enjoy the beach and sea in a sporty and fun way. Many elements of the Beach Games require teamwork. We can adapt the games to the composition of the group. This activity is perfect to relax in a sporty and fun way during this company outing at the beach of Noordwijk.

We have listed some components below for you, but if you have any questions about the content of the components, please feel free to contact us. The game selection can be adjusted on the day itself based on weather conditions. Beleving Noordwijk will provide you with the necessary explanations, guidance, and game schedules. This is a fun and active way to spend an original company outing: Ski-walking, Beach soccer, Tug-of-war, Tactical tug-of-war, Water race ('splashing' team building), Riddles, and so on ...

✓ Action-packed day at the beach
✓ Full of sports and beachy fun
✓ Corporate events & company outings
✓ Excellent for large groups

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